Visual Art: Assemblage & Sculpture

Multiple Flashback Box

Bird Cycle



Sutherland Walk

Monolithic Slatescape

Silk Gut

Jazz for Jo

Layered for Pauline

Stoer Onward

Earth Rockscape


Emotional Compass



Jazz Piano Man

Joie de Vivre

Rockscape with Self-portrait


Reaching Out

Numbers 6 & 7

Untitled Construction

Untitled Assemblage


Hearts and Minds

A Crude Attempt to Halt The March of Time

Detail 'A crude attempt to halt the march of time'

Hoyo de Monterrey

Mapping the unmappable

Detail 'Mapping the unmappable'

She Kept Birds

Songs of Innocence & Experience

Detail 'Songs of Innocence & Experience'

Detail 'Songs of Innocence & Experience'

Tension & release

Detail 'Tension & Release'

Trying to get a handle on it

Detail 'Trying to get a handle on it'

Detail 'Stone nest meets the Wilson Family'

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