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In the band:

Percussion, Electronics, Objects

Bruce Coates

Mike Hurley

Chris Hobbs
Percussion & Electronics etc.

The individual members of SCHH had previously performed together in various combinations but first came together as a group in 2007 for a concert at Mike Hurley's Fizzle series in Birmingham. Hurley's instinct that the combination would be a good one proved inspired and since then they have performed widely across the UK, receiving a Jazz Services Touring grant in 2008 and they embarked on a National Tour coinciding with their first release, "Murmurations", on Octagonal Records. The members of the group represent different generations of improvisers and come from different musical backgrounds, from free Jazz to experimentalism, but all share a love of improvisation.

Bruce Lee Gallanter of the Downtown Music Gallery, New York described "Murmurations" as featuring "some of the best British improvisations Iíve heard recently."

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Photograph Credit Unknown


Studio Recording: Peter Maxwell Dixon
Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham, 20/05/2007

Cover Collages: Andrew Coates
Cover Design: Bruce Coates

The Warwick Recording

Unitarian Church, Warwick, 23 January 2008. Recorded by Chris Trent.

Recording of the event:

1. The Warwick Recording (1:01:02)

Coventry University, Ellen Terry Building

9th December 2009

Walt Shaw - Home built percussion and electronics
Bruce Coates - sopranino and tenor saxophones
Chris Hobbs - laptop, percussion, piano
Mike Hurley - piano

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