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Winter 2018 - 2019
The 'Deep Tide' gig at Sheffield Cathedral on Friday the 14th will be a trio of myself - percussion, Laura Cole – keyboards, and the Norwegian cellist Maja Bugge.

We may be joined by Martin Archer on saxes, depending on circumstances.

I am excited about playing with this these musicians. It will be a first to be playing with Maja.

'DeepTide' will be playing The Vortex in London on March 5th.

The Skin & Bone gig in Belper on Saturday the 24th November will be a departure, as we will be joined by the artist Andrew Martyn Sugars, who will be responding to our sounds in real time with projected, dynamic images.

On Friday January 18th I will be doing a solo percussion set at Deda, Derby. This will be at the opening of a 3 month residency at Deda by my friend, the artist Vitor Azevedo.

On the 17th October, I performed with 'Alchemy / Schmalchemy' at The Martin Hall Exhibition Space at Loughborough University, as part of the exhibition, Re-Imagining Citizenship. The piece we did was 'Rhodiaceta (Re-)Response. 'Alchemy / Schmalchemy' are myself on electronics, voice and percussion, Gillian Whiteley on accordion, voice & other instruments, and Geoff Bright on bass saxophone and voice. We were working with graphic scores made in response to a film made in 1967 in Besancon in the Rhodiaceta textile factory there. So it was a response to a response. The film was made by workers in the factory, who were striking in opposition to the conditions they were having to endure. This was in the build-up to the student/worker uprising in France, May 1968, especially in Paris. I was there in Paris, staying with students just prior to the uprising, which gave an extra resonance for me in this piece. The piece was filmed and will be shown at another Re-Imagining Citizenship exhibition in Besancon at the Institute Superieur des Beaux-Arts de Besancon there in 2019.

'Alchemy / Schmalchemy' will be performing in Nottingham in January 2019. More details to follow.
September 2018
Skin and Bone will be playing at The Queen’s Head in Belper on Saturday the 24th November at 7-30 pm.

Deep Tide Quartet will be playing in The Cathedral in Sheffield at 1-15pm on Friday the 14th of December. This will be a candle-lit and rather special gig.

There have been 2 gigs in Derby as part of The Circuit, a rolling residency of musicians between the towns of Todmorden, Sheffield, Leeds and Derby. The next gig is at The Old Spa Inn in Derby at 7-30pm on the Tuesday the 2nd October. It will be the wonderful all saxophone ensemble ‘Hornweb’. I have been heavily involved in the organistaion of these gigs, which should roll through monthly into 2019.
Summer & Autumn 2018
The Deep Tide gig in Bristol will be at 7-30pm at Café Kino. 108, Stokes Croft, BS1 3RU.

April 22nd will be a big event at Claptrap in Stourbridge. A whole Sunday afternoon improvisation fest. Some great players, including Paul Dunmall, Jim Bashford, Bruce Coates and many more. I will be adding my modest contribution on percussion and electronics.

May 11th is going to be a bit special too at Dubrek in Derby. I have an exhibition of my recent work opening, plus a Skin & Bone gig. A heady brew, which I hope you can get along to. It all kicks off from around 7pm. May 26 th sees Skin & Bone play Sheffield at OTT, home to top quality improv from around the UK and overseas. We will be joined by the amazing musician Mick Beck, who runs OTT. He will be playing bassoon and saxes. From 7-30pm. 78, Kingfield Road, S11 9AU.

'Skin and Bone', the percussion trio, 24th August - Gig Todmorden
This will be at The Golden Lion in Todmorden. It will be part of ‘the cicuit’, a new arrangement whereby musicians share venues and gigs in four different towns. So it’s a kind of residency, involving Todmorden, Derby, Sheffield and Leeds. It’s hoped that later Manchester will be also included. Derby will be hosting some terrific bands as part of this circuit. So something to watch out for.

August 22nd - The Deep Tide Quartet at The Lescar in Sheffield. 7-30 pm.

Sunday, October 14th, at 3-30 pm Deep Tide plays at The No Bounds Festival in Sheffield.

Deep Tide plays The Red Lion in Todmorden at 7-30 pm on Friday the 26th of October.
Spring 2018
In mid January, The Orchestra of The Upper Atmosphere recorded their fourth album in Sheffield, Theta 4. This will be released later this year. I was playing percussion and electronics.

I continue rehearsals with Phil Morton, guitar, from Liverpool and Mark Hanslip, saxes, from Manchester. We hope to be doing gigs later this year.

I also continue rehearsals with Ka Safar, a Leicester big band, concentrating on pieces inspired by Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders and Sun Ra. We hope to be gigging by Spring.

Deep Tide Quartet has a gig in February. I will be playing Claptrap on Feb 22nd, 8pm. Claptrap, The High Street, Stourbridge. We are also playing Bristol on March 24th. Details shortly.

On March 21st I will be playing with the Centrifuge pool of musicians at Capstone Theatre in Hope University at Liverpool.

April 22nd I will be at Claptrap again at a festival of improvisation. Details to follow.

On June 9th I will be joining another large ‘Murmurists’ band for a 5pm gig at The University of Central Lancashire in Preston.

Autumn 2017
'Skin and Bone', the alternative percussion trio, has a gig at Dubrek Studios, Derby. This is on October 13th at 7-30pm. £5 on the door or £3 booking in advance.

The anti-choir Juxtavoices has a gig on 14th October at Sheffield General Cemetry, 7-30pm. In addition there will be a number of other sets with some big names, including Derby's own Corey Mwamba!

On November 2nd at 'Claptrap' in Stourbridge, I will be performing with the amazing percussionist Mark Sanders, in a duo. 7pm. We will be performing a live soundtrack to the famous film of 'Nosferatu' by Murnau.

November 11th I will be doing a gig with 'Murmurists' at St Margaret's Church, Rufford Rd, Whalley Range, Manchester. 7pm This will be a total spectacle with 100 musicians, projection, live performance and dance. Don't miss out on this highly special occasion.

The next day, November 12 th I will be with 'Murmurists' again, this time in a smaller ensemble in Liverpool. It's part of the famous artist John Hyatt's Rock Art Exhibition at Club Big. 7pm.

December 7th I will be playing with South Leicester Improvisers Ensemble (SLIE). 8pm at Quad Studios, Friday Street, Leicester.

In November I start rehearsals with a new trio with myself, Mark Hanslip on saxes and Phil Morton on guitar and effects. We will be doing gigs in 2018.
Phil Morton on guitar from Liverpool, myself and saxophonist Mark Hanslip had a really constructive and exciting rehearsal at Yellowarch, Sheffield on Nov 15th.

We are looking to do gigs in 2018, after a further rehearsal on January 24th.

My gig producing a live soundtrack for Murnau's film, 'Nosferatu', went really well at Claptrap in Stourbridge. It was in a trio 'Alchemy / Schmalchemy' with Geoff Bright on saxes and Gillian Whiteley on keyboards. A change of line-up there. Claptrap is a super venue and I hope to be doing a gig there next year.

Some very interesting gigs and projects are lined up for 2018, with more details to come in the new year.

July 2017
The band, 'Deep Tide Quartet' have their album out on Martin Archer's Discus label towards the end of July. The album is called, 'See One, Do One, Teach One'.
DTQ is Martin on saxes, Laura Cole on piano, Kim Macari Stone-Lonergan on trumpet and myself on percussion and electronics.
We have a tour organised with these following dates -
July 26th, Safe House, Verdict Café, Brighton.
September 28th, Blank Canvass, Ship and Mitre, Liverpool.
November 21st, Fizzle, Lamp Tavern, Digbeth, Birmingham.
November 22nd, Over The Top, Kingfield Road, Sheffield.

I'm very much looking forward to playing in this superb quartet.

I have joined a Leicester big band, Ka Safar, run by Lee Boyd Allatson. It concentrates mainly on music by Alice Coltrane and Sun Ra.

September 21st I have a gig at the Surface Gallery in Nottingham in the evening. This is with Pete Farmer, record deck, Lorin Halsall on bass, Jan Simson on kit, myself on percussion and electronics, Dan Horner on synth, Chris Warburton on guitar, and Lisolette, voice.

On September 23rd, I have a gig at The General Cemetry Chapel in Sheffield with both Juxtavoices and a quartet made up of Martin Archer on saxes, Geoff Bright on voice, Mick Beck on bassoon and myself on percussion.
May 2017
‘Fear of Crocodiles’.

What happens when free jazz, free improvisation and a big slice of Dada attitude collide for one evening?

This will happen at the Bless on May 2 nd, with ‘Fear of Crocodiles’, brought together in Derby for just this gig.

We are -
Martin Archer – saxophones
Lyn Hodnett – voice
Lorin Halsall – bass and electronics
Walt Shaw – percussion and electronics

I’m joined here by 3 exceptional musicians from out of town, who have amazing musical histories and creative skills.

It’s a 7-30 pm start and £5 or £10 entry, your choice!

I will be playing with South Leicestershire Improvisation Ensemble on July 1st at 8 pm. It's at Quad studios in Leicester. 78, Friday Street, LE1 3BW.

The recording of the album 'See One, Do One, Teach One' on Discus went really well up at Chairworks studios,Yorkshire. It was an inspirational experience working with Martin Archer, Laura Cole and Kim Macari. The album will be out in Autumn. More details to follow then.
April - July 2017
Within the next few weeks 'The Orchestra of The Upper Atmosphere', Theta 3 album will be released. We are very close to completion now. It's been two years in the making and will be something pretty special.

Our weekend at Real World studios near Bath went brilliantly, so the latest 'Engine Room Favourites' album on Discus will be out soon. More information to follow.

Wednesday the 5th April sees the next Juxtavoices gig, showcasing the latest work. This is in Manchester at 7pm, at an experimental poetry evening, 'The Other Room'. The King's Arms, 11, Bloom Street, Salford. M36AN.

On May 8 th and 9th I'll be recording an album under the leadership of Martin Archer at Chairworks Studio, Castleford, Yorkshire. It'll be a quartet with Laura Cole and Kim Macari on piano and trumpet respectively. The album will be released on Discus.

May 27th I'm doing another gig with 'Skin & Bone', this time at the Kunst Gallery, Belper. 7pm. The gallery is at The Old Nail Shed, Campbell Street, Belper DE561AP. Facebook

July 11th will see another new experimental performance of live art / improvisation / sound, with 'Alchemy / Schmalchemy'. This will be the culmination of new work with musician/artists Gillian Whiteley and Geoff Bright. It's at Manchester Metropolitan University at 3pm. M156BH.

I'm excited about doing a trio gig with Martin Archer on saxes and Corey Mwamba on vibes in Brighton on July 26th . 8pm. £6 / £5 for members and concessions. It's at 'Safehouse' ( a format for improvisation ). The Verdicts, 159, Edward Street, Brighton, BN2OJB.

January - March 2017
A new year and some new exciting gigs and projects.

January 26th sees the second gig in Derby of 'Skin & Bone'. This will be at The Bless, Chapel Street at 7-30pm. Entry will be one note. This time the all percussion group I will be playing with is with George Grignon and Greg Rawson.

On March 3rd I will be playing with 'Murmurists' in Manchester in the evening. This will be at 'Home', a fantastic venue, a new centre for international contemporary art, film and theatre. More details to follow.

March 18th and 19th I will be recording in Martin Archer's 'Engine Room Favourites' for a new album. This will be at Peter Gabriel's Real World studios at Box in Wiltshire. An exciting place to record and an exciting project.

Late March or early April I'll be playing with Corey Mwamba, Laura Cole, Rachel Musson, Hannah Marshall and other leading improvisers in London. More details will follow. We will be responding to real time painting done by the artist Gina Southgate.

Looking ahead I will be recording at The Chairworks studios in Castleford with an album of Martin Archer, with Laura Cole and Kim Macari Stone-Lonergan.
November-December 2016
I have a gig at The Lescar, Sheffield on Wednesday 16th November. This will be to perform a piece written by Martin Archer, called “Abstract, Fugitive, The Silence and A Tree'.

It will be a 5 piece band with Martin Archer, George Murray, Anton Hunter and Geoff Bright. 7-30pm

On December 1st in the afternoon I will be performing with Geoff Bright and Gillian Whiteley in our multi-media project 'Alchemy / Schmalchemy'. This is to be performed at Nottingham Contemporary as part of an international symposium, 'InDialogue'. The symposium interrogates how artists and researchers use dialogue in practice.

Juxtavoices is stepping up a gear again. We have rehearsals coming up to produce new work and a new album soon to be released on the Discus label. We have a gig at St. Ann's church, Manchester on the 9th December. M2 7LF. Time to be announced soon.

Meanwhile the percussion 4 piece 'Skin and Bone' are in rehearsal for new gigs and also The Orchestra of The Upper Atmosphere is completing the final stages of our 3rd album, to be released soon.

Next year there are a number of exciting new projects in the offing. More to be announced in the new year.
October-November 2016
I finished off August playing a lovely gig with the Canadian musician Chris Meloche. The band also included Martin Archer, Nick Robinson, Herve Perez, and Chris Bywater.

The big event in October is the festival of contemporary music that I'm involved with in 'Out Front'. It starts on Oct 22nd and runs to the 26th.

There'll be a host of exciting bands in Derby. I'll be playing with WHM on the 26th at the Voicebox (6pm) WHM will have Lorin Halsall and Alan Jenkins as guests within the festival (which is called 'The Week') Get all the details on Click on 'The Week'.

Straight after I'm playing The 3 Cranes in Sheffield on the 27th, as part of Centrifuge, from 7-30pm.

Also part of Centrifuge I'm playing Fizzle, The Lamp, Barford Street, Birmingham on November 15th, from 7pm.

Nov 16th I'm playing The Lescar in Sheffield with Marin Archer, Geoff Bright, Corey Mwamba and Kris T Reeder.

Meanwhile I'll be rehearsing with the percussion quartet 'Skin & Bone' and also with Geoff Bright and Gillian Whiteley in readiness for a Live Art performance at Nottingham Contemporary Gallery in December.
June-July 2016
'Out Front' continues to grow and develop, with some great gigs already and a very exciting programme ahead.

Next up is En Bas quartet, an innovative, beautiful string four-piece under the leadership of bass player Seth Bennett. This is on Tuesday, 21st June at 6-30 pm at 'Baby People', 3, Forman Street, Derby, DE1 1JQ.

I have some very exciting gigs and projects coming up in June and July, a busy couple of months.

Tuesday, June 7th
A day recording an album with 'Some Some Unicorn', run by Shaun Blezard, taking place at Birmingham City University.

Friday, June 10th.
Maida Vale BBC studios, London. A day recording with Juxtavoices in collaboration with 'Matmos' duo. We will be making a track that will go out on Radio 3, 'Late Junction' at 11pm, date for broadcasting to be confirmed. This will be Juxtavoices second outing on Radio 3.

Tuesday, June 14th.
A continuation of the ongoing project, 'Developing an aesthetic', working with Phil Morton and some of the leading improvisers of the Midlands and North. Manchester Metropolitan University, Cheshire Campus at Crewe.

Thursday, June 16th
Centrifuge. An evening with improvisers from the North.
The 3 Cranes, 74, Queen Street, Sheffield, S1 2DW 7-30pm

Thursday, June 23rd
Gig with “Dr. Schwitters' at Café Ort, 500 – 504, Mosely Road, Birmingham, B12 9AH. 7-30pm.

Saturday June, 25th
Juxtavoices at The Golden Lion, Todmorden. Fielden Square, OL14 6LZ.
This is the first Juxtavoices concert since our 6 month sabbatical, but after new rehearsals.

Monday, July 4th
Centrifuge in Birmingham. An evening with improvisers from the Midlands. The Lamp, Barford Street. B5 6AH. 7-45pm.

Saturday, 16th
'Murmurists' at Minesweeper, Greenwich, London. Details to be supplied later.

Tuesday, 19th July.
Trio with myself and Bruce Coates ( saxes ) with Han Earl Park ( guitar ).
Fizzle, The Lamp, Barford Street, Birmingham 7-30pm.

Saturday July 23rd.
The Three Cranes, Sheffield.
Duo with Martin Archer, saxes and electronics.
Time to be announced.

Also there will be a gig at Artsmith with Mark Sanders, drums and percussion, myself likewise, Bruce Coates, saxes and Mark Miller trombone. The date is now confirmed for this. It's 7-30 pm on Wednesday, July 6th at Artsmith, Derby on 109, Monk Street. It'll be £5 on the door. Looking forward to seeing you there.

I'm also rehearsing with a newly formed percussion quartet. Details to follow soon.

The gig with Dr Schwitters on 23rd June in Birmingham has had to be postponed until further notice.
April-May 2016
Wednesday April 20th I'll be playing at Cafe Oto in London. I'm with the wonderful 'Murmurists' again, under the amazing directorship of Anthony Donovan. It will be another multi-media set with some super musicians, dancers, spoken word and projection, all put together by Anthony. From 7 pm.

The 2nd 'Out Front' gig will be at The Voicebox, Derby at 6-30pm on Wednesday the 27th April, with the amazing Trevor Watts amd Veryan Weston duo.

On 28th April, WHM will be having an open rehearsal at Artsmith, Derby from 7pm. The band are joined by guests Alan Jenkins on bass clarinet and Lorin Halsall on bass and electronics. This is in preparation for our 'Out Front' gig in October.

On Wednesday May 4th at Artsmith, Derby, I will be playing a duo set with the master percussionist Mark Sanders. Mark has played with many of the great jazz and improvisation artists nationally and internationally. We will be joined by Birmingham's Bruce Coates on saxes for a solo set and finally a trio set with myself and Mark. From 7-30pm. £5 Monk Street, Derby.

May 28th sees the mighty Juxtavoices back rehearsing for their gig in Todmorden, Yorkshire. More details to follow.
March 2016
I have been invited to play as a guest with South Leicester Improvisers Ensemble ( S.L.I.E.) This will be at 8pm on Thursday, March the 3rd. It's at Quad Studios, 78, Friday Street, Leicester, LE1 3BW and it's at 8pm.

The album 'Six-In-One' is being released now, in March, on the label Slam. It's from the recording of the gig at the end of the exhibition at Artsmith of Andrew Coates and myself, August of last year. The exhibition was 'Subjects and Structures'. The album features, Paul Dunmall on tenor sax, Bruce Coates on soprano and alto saxes, Corey Mwamba on vibraphone, Seth Bennett on double bass, Mark Sanders on drums / percussion and myself on percussion / electronics. Contact me if you would like an album ( £5 ).

On the 17th March is the first gig of the very exciting Arts Council funded project 'Out Front'. This is going to bring some cutting-edge music to Derby. The first gig is at The Blessington Carriage at 7-30. It's with the Newcastle band 'Taupe' and also a solo set from Belper's Dave Sturt.
February 2016

WHM are playing Artsmith! They formed in January 2013 and have played gigs in Derby before, also Sheffield and London.

Walt Shaw, Hervé Perez and Matt Harling share a similar philosophy about their approach to improvisation. Walt is a local guy of course no stranger to people around Artsmith and Matt and Herve are from Sheffield.

Matt builds instruments and in addition to 'normal' saxophones, he plays a saxophone / trombone hybrid with a remarkable bell, a 'saxobone'. He also makes remarkable sound sculptures.

Hervé plays 'normal' saxophones, but certainly employs an extended range of extraordinary sounds. He has played all over the UK and France. He uses electronics as well as his great sax playing. He has played all over the UK, not only in 'normal' venues, but in churches, caves, tunnels, woodland, you name it.

Walt uses a range of percussion with WHM, usually with home-built instrumentation and often with contact mikes and low-tech electronics too. He has done gigs all over the UK and in France, Germany, Bosnia and Hungary. He's played at Artsmith lots of times in various bands.

WHM are a high-energy trio with a wide range of dynamics and styles, rapidly shifting from powerful free jazz to minimal improvisation. Their focus on minute sounds and close communication allows them to flow naturally and improvise rich textures, subtle microtonal passages, feasts of extended techniques and melodic lines with a telepathic quality.

Their music is continually surprising as they stay clear of clichés, and keep exploring new sounds, new techniques: discovering ways and objects that will alter the structure of their instruments and their playing.

The engagement and energy the group puts into their performances make the live experience really unique, that no description or recording can capture.

On this gig WHM are joined by guest musician Lorin Halsall, from Nottingham on double bass and electronics. Walt and Lorin play together in different groups frequently. Lorin was of course a founder member of the legendary 'Dust Collectors', a band that Walt played percussion with too. Lorin is familiar to Derby audiences as a brilliant and inventive player.

So try get along and enjoy an evening of unusual, quality music. There will be a bar too of course!

I will be playing the Fox and Newt in Leeds on Wednesday, February 17th at 8pm, as part of the Centrifuge pool of musicians.

I'm playing down in London with 'Murmurists'.

Murmurists' next live appearance is at this wonderful event, in Hackney, London on Friday 5th February 2016, 7-30 pm, premièring 40 minute piece for voices, improvising musicians, dancers and film, 'Beneath is Translation'. It's at MK2, Powerscroft Road, E5OPT, in Hackney.

Proud to announce an incredible 16 strong line-up, comprising:

Martin Archer - bass clarinet/recorder/voice
Rebecca Bogue: dance/voice
Mark Browne - soprano sax/percussion/voice
Lawrence Casserley - gongs/electronics/voice
Michael Clough - foley/voice
Annie Dee - foley/voice
Anthony Donovan - bass/film/voice
Tim Drage - hybrid guitar/electronics/voice
Graham Dunning - percussion/electronics/voice
Geoff Leigh - flute/soprano sax/voice
Jane Munro - dance/voice
Anthony Osborne - alto sax/voice
Rosie Osborne - foley/voice
Grahame Painting - cello/voice
Noura Sanatian - violin/voice
Walt Shaw - drums/percussion/voice

A very exciting project.
January 2016
Notes and Sounds presents:

Tuesday 12 Jan 2016

Neil Carver (ersaz guitar)
Nathan Bettany (cor anglais and oboe)
Mick Beck (bassoon and whistles)
Lorin Halsall (double bass)
Walt Shaw (percussion)

An evening of established and new configurations to herald the New Year proper after the formal Yuletide celebrations have faded.

Neil Nathan and Mick have an established trio (Snarked), and on this occasion will combine forces with legendary percussionist Walt Shaw, and Lorin Halsall (double bassist from Nottingham). Expect some dizzy combinations and fine performances.

Tuesday 12 Jan
Over The Top, 78 Kingfield Road, Nether Edge, Sheffield

8pm prompt start

£5 waged, £3 unwaged.

December 2015
I will be doing some work with Martin Archer and Corey Mwamba towards the end of the month, as a trio.

The Juxtavoices album is recorded now and will be released on Martin Archer's Discus label soon in the new year.

I will be doing a gig in London with 'Murmurists' on February 5th, 2016. This is run by Anthony Donovan and looks very exciting, involving 16 superb, interesting musicians and dancers. It will be cross-disciplinary, with dance, film, text, sound, music and more, all organised and scored by Anthony. It's a privilege to be asked.

I'm looking forward to 2016 and the projects old and new.
November 2015

Juxtavoices were featured on 'The Choir' on Sunday, November 8th, on BBC Radio3. Have a look above by clicking above. Geraldine Monk and myself were talking about the anti-choir. It went out from The Sage, Gateshead as part of 'The Free Thinking Festival'.
September 2015
During the next few weeks The Orchestra of The Upper Atmosphere will be working on their third album. It follows in the wake of excellent reviews for their second album released this year. Also in the next few weeks, Juxtavoices will be working on their second album. This will be accompanied with a DVD as well as the CD.

The 'Alchemy / Schmalchemy' project will be developed further with a view to further performances.

The Frida Kahlo project will be launched in London in October.

I am starting work this Autumn on a collaboration with the poet, performance artist and director Lucy Skilbeck. This will culminate in a performance next year. More details later.
July 2015
Looking forward to rehearsals and performance with 'Alchemy / Schmalchemy' on our latest iteration. This will be as part of the Summer Institute of Qualitative Research at Manchester Metropolitan University.

It will be at 5pm at The Business School, All Saints Campus, Oxford Road, Manchester, July 8th.

I now have a new duo, 'Crypts of Lieberkuhn', with Geoff Bright on saxes. Our first gig is on July 24th at O.T.T. Sheffield.

This will be a busy month with final preparations for the big exhibition in August, the duo with Mark Sanders and the new work with 'Crypts' and with Nathan Bettany and Linda Kemp.
May / June 2015
Work for my duo show with Andy Coates continues at a pace. We're assembling publicity material and are both very excited about it. It'll be at Artsmith Live from August 1st to August 15th. The exhibition will consist of constructed sculptures, free-standing and relief, assemblages and collages. They are made from wood, metal, plastics and a variety of objects, carefully chosen from urban, rural, and coastal sites as well as from junk stalls, charity shops, skips etc. The objects have their own resonances and histories, but the juxtaposition of different types produces a magic, where each participant celebrates the other.

The exhibition will open and close with a music performance. Have a look at my upcoming gigs. The closure one will feature some amazing national and international stars, including Derby's very own and special Corey Mwamba.

Juxtavoices will be featured on BBC, Radio 3 in the next few weeks. Myself and Geraldine Monk will be talking about Juxtavoices. I'll announce the actual date shortly.

I'm busy working on the next stage of 'Alchemy / Schmalchemy' with Geoff Bright and Gillian Whiteley ready for a performance at Manchester Metropolitan University in July.

Meanwhile 'Orchestra of The Upper Atmosphere' are busy with rehearsing for upcoming gigs and 'Engine Room Favourites' have their new CD out on Discus, 'Bad Tidings From Slackwater Drag'.

I'm also in a new band along with Alan Jenkins and 3 other fine musicians. It's 'Dr Schwitters and The Gathering Brow', performing at the closure of Alan's show at Artsmith on May 15th.

Work has begun on a project I'm involved with on the subject of Frida Kahlo and women artists in general. It's with some fine musicians from the Leeds and London scene, led by Philomena Campus and Laura Cole.
February 2015
The gong wassail at Loughborough campus went really well last week, with a good uptake of students and a great final performance.

The 2nd album of Engine Room Favourites has been released on February 16th. It's “Black Tidings from Slackwater Drag”. There'll be a gig later in the year to celebrate, probably up in Leeds.

I'm in a new band, 'Not One Direction', with Alan Jenkins (bass clarinet), Lorin Halsall (double bass), Kate Hall, (guitar and other instruments) and myself on percussion and electronics.

Orchestra of The Upper Atmosphere have been getting rave reviews of the 2nd album from all over, so we must have done something right.

I'm working hard on a series of assemblages for my duo show.
December 2014
I will be exhibiting at The Old Station Gallery, Rowsley in January 2015.This will be part of a printmaking exhibition called 'Off The Press'. The opening is on Saturday January 10th from 2-30pm to 5pm. The exhibition runs through to Sunday February 15th. I will be showing some prints, but also some assemblages.

On January 29th I will be playing with WHM and guests. My old chum Corey Mwamba, from Derby will be on vibes and also guest Mick Beck on bassoon and saxes. Of course my regular collaboration in WHM too, Herve Perez saxes and Matt Harling on saxes and home-made instruments. This is at OTT, Sheffield at 8pm.

On February 29th I will be running a workshop, followed by a gong performance with the participants in the grounds of Loughborough University. This is a collaboration with artist Anne-Marie Culhane from Cornwall. This is a wassail, celebrated around and on fruit trees. These were planted as a 'fruit route' as part of Anne-Marie's ongoing project on several sites.
November 2014
The last ERF gig of 2014 will take place on Thursday next, Nov 27th in Liverpool. It's at View Two Gallery, 23, Mathew Street, L26RE, 8pm.

I will be playing with Alan Jenkins, Kate Hall and Pandora Johnson at the opening of Banks Mill Christmas show on Friday next, Nov. 28th, starting at 5pm.

My granddaughter, Eva went with me to her first ever live gig last Tuesday. She loved it. She's just turned seven. Start 'em early I say. This was down to the highly imaginative 'Family Album' series of gigs organised by Corey Mwamba. Brilliant!
October 2014
Engine Room Favourites have just completed a recording for the second album, under the direction of Martin Archer.This was up at Yellowarch recording studios in Sheffield. It was an amazingly inspired and productive time and will most definitely lead to an exciting album.I found it very inspiring to work with such talented and experienced musicians.On Sunday,October 19th we are playing at The Bridge Hotel, Newcastle-on-Tyne at 8pm.

The Orchestra of the Upper Atmosphere now have fully completed the second album, which is released on October 24th.The launch will be at an OUA gig at Burngreave Chapel, Sheffield at 8pm on Friday the 25th October.

September 2014
I am delighted to be included in Anthony Donovan's 'Classwar Karaoke' 0027.

This is an unmissable compilation of new material that should definitely be checked out!

I'm involved in 2 pieces of work, number 19, Coleopteron's piece 'Into The Glass Maze' and also number 71, WHM with a piece 'Tits for Tats'.

There's a real wealth of artists with some amazing pieces up there.

August 2014
Walt and Matt Le Mare have started work on their third album. This will reach a conclusion towards the end of 2014 or early next year. Looks like being very fresh, diverse and exciting.

July 2014
Well I guess the biggest piece of news is that my website is up and running.

That's very exciting. It's been a while in preparation and in so doing has helped me sort out a fair amount of archival material and has helped organise my thinking.

I do hope you find something of interest on here and any feedback would be very welcome.

A huge thanks to Pan of 'Applebox Designs' for the site construction and being so patient with my semi-sane ramblings at times.

In the last couple of months, I have become involved in another exciting project, simply known as '432' It's based on the frequency 432 Hz, but the project will explore the arena of altered states of consciousness resulting from sound, touching on synaesthesia, cymatics, intention and the relationship of sound to visual imagery and physicality.

We are working in Birmingham under the project leadership of Soesen Edan. In the group are musicians, visual artists, performance artists, and other multi-disciplinary artists. We have advice too from Dr Ian S. Baker of the Psychology Dept of Derby University.

The project will reach fruition in the shape of an installation with performance at some point. We are still dealing with a number of funding issues currently.

So again more about this as it unfolds.

Next year I will be doing a two-man show with the Birmingham artist Andrew Coates. We share many similarities of approach with our assemblage work and think we'll get a very interesting exhibition together. It'll take place at Artsmith, Derby.

The Orchestra of The Upper Atmosphere have all been working hard on their second album, which is reaching completion fairly soon. It should be released in the autumn months.

Engine Room Favourites are mid tour with Northern Line. The 24th of July is the gig at Manchester Jazz Festival. They have several further dates to play.

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